Sunday 12 January 2014

Coming soon ...

I was unsure whether my journey to and from a training course at Hemel Hempstead should count as a long or short journey but decided in the end as it did not involve any rail-borne catering it should be classed as short, so in keeping with the general policy of alternating long ands short adventures, I'll deal with this one next and will be posting it soon.

Then next month we'll be looking at a trip to France - this was a brief weekend break in Paris in order to visit family in Fontainebleau - and then we are more-or-less up-to-date pending a planned holiday in Switzerland and a day trip to Snowdonia which have yet to take place. I must travel a bit more than I have been doing or I'll soon run out of things to write about.

Further parish trips are also in the planning stage, to Oakham (easy!) and Canterbury (not so very difficult now that Kent has high speed trains from St Pancras).

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