Thursday 31 July 2014

The Meeting Place

When St Pancras station in London was refurbished for its new rôle as the terminus for high-speed services to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel, the traditional meeting and greeting place under the big clock was enhanced with a fabulous sculpture by Paul Day. The work is dominated by an embracing couple, he obviously British, she probably French, meeting (or saying farewell) above the heads of people eating and drinking at the pubs and cafés around them, and if we can just spend a little time here rather than rushing on by as if we have a train to catch - for there is much more to do at St Pancras these days than merely catch a train, even an international one - we can see much about the history of this station and the people who have used it in war and in peace in the carvings under the couple's feet.

Here are some of my photographs. I shall not comment on them but leave readers to imagine their own commentaries. I have some personal favourites among the sketches seen here but would not want to spoil anyone else's enjoyment by seeming to suggest that you might like these too.

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