Sunday 6 September 2015

What a difference a few minutes makes!

An East Midlands single-coach multiple unit, arrived from Spalding,
forms the first train of the day direct to Lincoln from Peterborough.
My train from Stamford connects neatly with it, giving me a
decently quick journey.
Boarding at Lincoln for the homeward trip: yes, we did all get seats,
with some to spare!
Twice now I have arrived by train for a meeting in Lincoln to which I would have had to drive before this year. It is at 10:00 in uphill Lincoln and the first convenient train service to Lincoln used to arrive just at 10:00, too late to get up the hill in time. Recent improvement work on the line between Doncaster and Peterborough through Lincoln and Sleaford mean that the timetable is now slightly faster than it was and the same train now get to Lincoln with just a few minutes to spare before my meeting begins. It is not enough time to walk up the hill (anyone who thinks Lincolnshire is flat has never been to Lincoln!), but it is enough time to get there by taxi, and the train and taxi fares are still less than the mileage, saving the Diocese money and allowing me to work while travelling. The train takes longer than driving (the route is not direct: I have to change at Peterborough, a long way round) but it is not wasted time because I can write, read and make phone calls etc on the way. I write email and connect to The Cloud wifi to send it while the train is standing at Spalding or Seaford stations, or to the office wifi when I get to my meeting.

With six of these meetings a year, that few moments timetable acceleration is saving me about 36 hours dead driving time per year. Thanks, Network Rail and East Midlands Trains. Now, if I could just have a word about service frequency and start and finish times ...

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