Wednesday 21 October 2015

Travel Plans

 After the activity of 2014 we have not done much travelling this year for various reasons: just a few family outings to London, the summer holiday on the south coast, a couple of trips on ecclesiastical business and a couple of days out for me. No Scotland, no continent this year. BUT THERE ARE PLANS!

Booked for the rest of this year are some of the same, really: more trips to London both for family and church, and an outing to Lincoln for the Christmas Market. This will be the first time we use the through Virgin Trains East Coast train to Lincoln and I've already booked First Class tickets for this.

For 2016 we are looking wider again and have already booked a Great Rail Journeys holiday to the Swiss Alps for the summer: a similar route to the one we took last winter so that we can see it in different conditions, but different enough not to be repeat performance but warmer! We have our last free First Class Virgin Trains East Coast tickets to use, from the withdrawn Rewards scheme, and these have to be used by March. Edinburgh is tempting. We have not visited Edinburgh for about thirty years and have simply changed trains there on our way to the Highlands, so it would be great to see the city again for a couple of days.

We have also promised ourselves a journey to the South of France on Eurostar's through service and will be looking to book that as soon as tickets are released for the dates we can go. This will take us to places we have never seen before and will hopefully make an interesting blog post when we get back. Also in the summer we shall want to visit the south coast of England again. This is almost becoming a tradition now ...

That is "it" for now, although other smaller trips wil be bound to occur as the year progresses, and they will be posted here, of course.

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