Thursday 1 March 2018

Better Bus Services in Lincoln

An intending passenger consults the large
information screen to discover from which
bay her bus departs. Displays adjacent to each
waiting area list the bays' departures.
Twice recently I have had to go to meetings in Lincoln when I have not been in so much of a hurry to get uphill that I've needed a taxi and so I have used the bus, which is far cheaper. As it happens, the first such occasion was just after the opening of the new bus station, a major part of the new "Transport Hub" being created in central Lincoln, bringing trains, buses, taxis, cycles and cars all together.

USB socket for my iPhone
Coinciding with the new bus station, Stagecoach in Lincoln have recast their city bus services, now marketed under the brand "Simplibus" and there are frequent buses up to the cathedral from the station, all with comfortable seats and USB sockets for charging your devices.

Buses are the other side of the glass wall: no
need to step outside until your bus is ready.
The bus station itself is a pleasant, light and airy place with space to wait for each service and with plenty of information screens listing departures with route numbers and destinations. What is missing is a comprehensive route map so that visitors can work out which route they need - this matter is easily resolved by picking up a free pocket-sized route map from the enquiry office (not many bus stations have those nowadays), but it would be so much better to have a wall-mounted map near the entrance so that you go into the waiting area knowing which service you need. That criticism aside, everything else is just brilliant and whether travelling with a day ticket or single bought on the bus, a PlusBus ticket bought with my train ticket or from next year my anticipated pensioner's bus pass (!) I shall find using buses in Lincoln much simpler than before.

Off we go: buses reverse away from their loading bays.
The old bus station (which I do remember opening!) was dark and uninviting and it was hard to find out, even when I lived there and knew the city well, which stand I need for which bus to where. You had to cross the bus lanes to get from stand to stand if you guessed wrong, too, but with the new station you never have to go outside until it is time to board your bus.

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