Tuesday 30 October 2018

Forthcoming Holidays and Trips

Next year's programme of train trips in the UK and Europe takes shape

Already booked for next year are one holiday in Switzerland with Great Rail Journeys and one short break with Statesman Rail, with a handful of other short breaks under consideration and a plan coming together for a west country holiday, together with our usual few days in Sussex in the summer. How can I manage all this time off, you might ask; today I announced that at the end of January next year I shall be retiring and so for now, at least, we shall travel a bit. I need, I think, to make "the list" a real physical item and not just something vaguely washing about in my head.

In addition am currently planning another little outing for local people this December. Details of these group outings can be found by choosing the "Come with me" tab to the top right of this pane, and the plan this time is to travel to Birmingham for Christmas shopping, during the time of the Birmingham German Market, the largest in the UK. If you live in or near Stamford and are interested in coming on any of these little outings, do have a look at the "Come with me" page and sign up to the mailing list so that I can keep you informed about plans. I intend to do at least another two of these in 2019, possibly more.

Meanwhile trips to London are proliferating now that two more grandchildren have been born there. So we are kept on the move!

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