Tuesday 10 November 2020

Vintage Tour of Lincolnshire

 Blue trains and bustling towns

When I was 27 I created a photographic slide sequence using the new Olympus OM1 my new wife had given me for our first Christmas together. I put together a fictitious but feasible rail tour of some Lincolnshire towns as if I had come from somewhere (unspecified, but I had London in mind) on the East Coast main line. Although the three-day tour did not take place as shown, I did all the travel by rail (I had no car then anyway) and did research the itinerary as if I were doing it for real.

As I continue to downsize after retirement I am digitising my slide collection and I have put this sequence together, without the excruciating commentary but with subtitles and music, and it is available on my YouTube channel for anyone to see. It is embedded here for your convenience. You will see Deltics and an early HST as well as miscellaneous diesel multiple units, and some Lincolnshire towns with the shops still open and prosperous. And me with facial hair, but that is not so interesting ...

Do enjoy the ride. If you knew Spalding, Sleaford, Skegness, Boston, Grantham, Lincoln or Stamford forty years ago, do share your memories, here or in the YouTube comments.

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