Sunday 24 March 2013

Chrism Eucharist, Lincoln Cathedral, Tuesday in Holy Week

People from Stamford thinking of attending the Bishop of Lincoln's Chrism Celebration in the Cathedral on Tuesday this week, 26th March, might like to make a bit of a rail adventure out of the day. The best train there leaves here at 08:01 and involves one change, at Peterborough, into the 08:33 for Lincoln.

Depending upon how much of a day in Lincoln you want, and how much of an adventure you want the return trip to be, there is a choice of trains back. The earliest, and most adventurous (!) which allows attendance at the service and then lunch in Lincoln is the 13:40, which involves a change not only of trains but of stations in Newark (you get fifty minutes to do it, so there is even time for a - quick - look around), arriving at Newark Castle and then catching the 14:55 from Newark Northgate and changing again at Peterborough to arrive in Stamford at 16:04.

Later is the 14:46 from Lincoln, with a change at Newark Northgate into the 15:52 to Peterborough and the 16:52 there for Stamford, arriving at 17:04. You can stay a bit longer in Lincoln and get the 16:01 which goes back the same way as you came with just the change at Peterborough into the 17:52 to Stamford, arriving 18:04.

Return fare is £38.50. All good fun, and inspiring worship in one of the world's greatest cathedrals as well!

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