Saturday 4 May 2013

An Invitation for readers of Parish News

This series of articles in Parish news has excited far more comment than anything I have written about God or the local community, so I thought the time might have come to invite readers to join me on Saturday 15th June for a combined rail adventure and pilgrimage to Ely, a city with an ancient abbey serving as a cathedral and well worth visiting. Ely is served by trains direct from Stamford and is only fifty minutes' ride away across some fascinating Fenland landscape, a journey long enough to enjoy and not too long for those starting out on rail touring!

This must be booked in advance (as all my personal tours are) in order to take advantage of the minimum prices. Full details are in church along with a sign-up list. The absolute closing date for signing up is 30th May, and it would be good to have some idea before then. I can take bookings by email if it is not convenient to get to All Saints' Church by then. So long as you can get to Stamford station for 08:50hrs on 15th June! I need name, telephone number, whether you have a railcard, and whether you'd prefer to come home in time for dinner or stay and eat in Ely before getting the last train back (arriving 21:04).


1 comment:

  1. Everyone who has booked so far is opting for the later finish, so that is what we'll do. Once I have the final figure I'll book the party in for dinner early enough to get the 20:15 train home.

    Savings on tickets are not likely to be spectacular unless you want to leave two hours earlier than planned ... No, I thought not.