Friday 31 May 2013

Some details about the parish trip to Ely

There are nine of us signed up for the parish pilgrimage/outing to Ely so I am in contact with Cross Country Trains to see if a group booking is possible. If anyone else wishes to join us, they can do so but will need to buy their own tickets. If you do this and would like to be included, you will still need to let me know at so that I print enough material and reserve enough places for dinner!

Here are some web pages that might be useful reading material before we go:

Rendezvous for each activity will be at the west front of the Cathedral unless otherwise arranged, and I shall have my mobile telephone with me and will give its number to all participants on the day, along with other information.

Update: I now have the tickets and seat reservation. Railcard holders have saved 65p and the rest of us £1!

Update: Dinner table booked at The Boathouse in time to get the last train home.

Update: @SaintsOnline will be Tweeting updates from the trip as it is in progress. So if you cannot come, you can keep up on Twitter: 

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