Thursday 21 May 2020

When I am not travelling

The attraction of model railways

I have had a model railway of sorts for as long as I can remember, and in adult life, indeed from about the age of six (!), they have been about much more than the trains. I have always tried to make them about journeys and to reflect the joy of travel, my enjoyment of which goes back to toddlerhood when my parents took me to my mother's family in Margate for a week each summer. I expect that like every toddler I did not enjoy every aspect and would have made my parents aware of that, but my memories are all good: it was exciting, both the destination and the journey. I think that is why I am still hugely fond of train travel today, as well as the grown-up belief in railways as (at least potentially, and often actually) a civilised, environmentally-friendly way to travel.

A few years ago, with a hankering for the era of glamorous train travel and a liking for art deco and modernist architecture, I built a moderne fantasy model railway layout with streamlined and Pullman trains and deco and moderne buildings. The video below is a summary of several years' development. I  hope you enjoy it.

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