Thursday 21 May 2020

Now I am not travelling

A model railway evoking our trips to Switzerland

I have been to various parts of Switzerland several times over the last few years and decided that it was time to build a model which would include some aspects of Switzerland which had become familiar to us. It would have spiral tunnels, tracks that traversed the same valley two or three times, Kkiosk shops at the stations, Co-op supermarkets, log trains, postal containers ... and so on. I chose the Graubunden canton and the Rhaetian Railway because it had the spectacular engineering works I wanted because it is an adhesion railway, managing entirely without cog mechanisms to climb the hills.

The layout is currently in the early stages of construction, with just one station nearing completion - much more advanced than if I had not been stuck at home! The video below gives you the story so far, and more will follow on my new model railway blog,

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